Structure characteristics of heat treatment well carburizing furnace

The heat treatment well furnace is mainly composed of furnace shell, furnace lining, heating device, muffle tank, charging frame, furnace cover and lifting mechanism of furnace cover, etc. the shaft of the well furnace is a cylindrical deep well, and the workpiece is vertically loaded into the furnace by a special crane for heating. Well type furnaces are generally installed below the ground level of the workshop, but also above the ground level, or half above and half below the ground level. Well furnace can also be used for tempering, annealing, normalizing, carburizing, carbonitriding and other heat treatment of mechanical parts.

Heat treatment well type carburizing furnace is a periodic operation type electric furnace, which is mainly used for gas carburizing of carbon steel parts. It can automatically control and record the temperature of the electric furnace when used with the electric furnace control cabinet.

The electric furnace structure is mainly composed of furnace body, heating element and temperature control system. The specific structure is as follows:

The shell of the furnace is made of steel and steel plate. The super high light aluminum foam brick is built into a furnace. The insulation layer is made of aluminosilicate refractory fiber and diatomite (or vermiculite powder) bulk material, so as to improve the heat preservation performance of the furnace.

The heating element is placed on the silk laying brick and has a small resistance wire hook to position it.

A heat-resistant plate is welded into a furnace tank and a material basket in the furnace, and the processed workpiece is placed in the material basket.

In order to make the processed workpiece contact with carburizing gas evenly, a fan is installed on the furnace shell to force air circulation, so as to make the temperature and gas in the furnace uniform. The shaft sleeve of the fan is provided with a sealing device to prevent air leakage and is cooled by cooling water. The lifting of furnace cover is completed by hydraulic lifting mechanism, and its power is provided by 10 / 25 hydraulic device.

When the furnace cover needs to be raised, as long as the hydraulic device is started, the furnace cover will slowly rise; if the furnace cover needs to be lowered, as long as the internal thread stop valve in the hydraulic device is loosened, the furnace cover will slowly fall. At the lifting shaft, there are two limit switches. When the lifting shaft rises, the lower limit switch will automatically cut off the power supply of the electric fan, so as to avoid danger of operation; when the furnace cover is fully raised, the upper limit will automatically cut off the power supply of the hydraulic device, so as to prevent the lifting shaft from jacking out of the oil cylinder.

A water-cooled sample tube, a gas hole and an exhaust hole are arranged above the furnace cover. If they are matched with and refitted with an infrared CO2 analyzer, the process operation of automatic carbon potential control can be carried out.

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