Structural characteristics of heat treatment

Pallet car furnace is suitable for large quantities of large-tonnage batch production is the national standard energy-saving cycle operation of nantong heat treatment equipment, mainly used for metal heat treatment (normalizing, tempering, annealing, quenching, quenching), forging heating, powder materials, catalysts, magnetic materials, carbon, graphite, li-ion battery materials) drying sintering, metal die-casting and form high temperature roasting, etc., such as steel, auto parts, roll, steel, metal structure, welding parts hardening, normalizing, annealing, aging and various mechanical parts heat treatment.

This vehicle furnace mainly includes: furnace body, load-bearing trolley and trolley drive system, furnace door and door lifting mechanism, furnace door pressure close sealing mechanism, heating elements and fixed devices, furnace temperature control system, electrical control system and so on. The overall structure and characteristics of the equipment are as follows:

The furnace shell is welded with high quality section steel and steel plate

1. Furnace body frame: the front column, side column and rear column are all made of shaped steel, and a complete network structure is formed between the columns and the top of the column. Ensure the overall strength of the furnace, frame mechanism does not fold, deformation and other performance.

2. The outer wall of the furnace is welded with steel plate, which is solid, firm, durable and reliable. All welds are uniform and smooth, without porosity, slag inclusion, non-fusion and other defects; Furnace body appearance straight, beautiful, no wrinkles or uneven phenomenon. External furnace body according to the relevant standards two primers, two finishes. Use high temperature resistant paint on key parts. The overall color of the furnace body is silver powder paint.

The lining body

-- the furnace lining is a compound structure, the main body is constructed by folding blocks of refractory fiber produced by vacuum swinging silk method, and standard anchoring parts and scientific and reasonable mounting methods are used. The fiber folding block is preloaded again before mounting (compression bulk density ≥210Kg/m3) and fixed on the shell with special anchorage. The structure has excellent chemical stability, thermal stability, thermal shock resistance, excellent tensile strength and corrosion resistance with low heat conduction and low heat solution. The highest temperature resistance of aluminum silicate fiber is 1260℃. The anchorage material is made of 1Cr13 plate.

Furnace door and door lifting mechanism, door pressure close sealing mechanism

The furnace door is composed of steel structure shell and full fiber lining. The shell is made of type plate welded, the overall frame condition ensures no deformation, strong and durable. The lining is made of aluminosilicate fiber folding block, which is made in the same way as the furnace lining system to ensure its long service life.

Oven door elevating done through a pulley block and electric hoist, pulley block installed on the oven door upper gantry, oven door through the wire rope, bearings, on the electric hoist is FanZhuanLai realize the rise and fall of the oven door, electric hoist is installed on the furnace body, electric hoist is equipped with brake function, to ensure accurate oven door runtime.

The pressure mechanism of the furnace door adopts the four-link mechanism which relies on the pressure of the furnace door. The heating element on the furnace door leads out the power line to move with the rise and fall of the furnace door. The furnace door column is a closed mechanism with sufficient strength.

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