Storage and use of silicon carbide abrasives

New material professional silicon carbide powder, grain size sand manufacturers. For you to bring silicon carbide abrasive storage and use precautions.

(1) the warehouse for storing silicon carbide abrasives should be cool, dry and ventilated, and the indoor temperature should be 15-55 ℃.

(2) the packed Abrasives shall be stored on the wooden frame, and shall not touch the ground or lean against the wall, and shall not be subjected to heavy pressure, especially for the belt products, which will lead to the fold of the belt and affect the use. The storage period of all resin, semi resin and water resistant Abrasives should not be too long, generally not more than one year, or they will become brittle and deteriorated.

(3) silicon carbide abrasive tools should not be unpacked or unpacked too early before use. It is better to open them as soon as they are used to ensure product quality.

(4) the steel paper sand tray is easy to absorb moisture, and it is difficult to correct after moisture absorption deformation, so it should be placed in a dry warehouse, and at the same time, it should be stacked with steam and weighted.


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