Steel heat treatment processing

Why do we heat treat steel

Heat treatment (or heat treatment) is a group of industrial and metal processing processes used to change the physical and sometimes chemical properties of materials. Heat treatment of steel can be defined as the application of heat to change the properties or state of steel. The heat can be measured by the temperature of the steel to be treated. The temperature can be cold or hot when touching, so the process temperature range can be from extremely cold to extremely hot. Or, in terms of temperature, the range can be from cold negative temperature to hot plus temperature.

Heat treatment is the process of heating to temperature, soaking at that temperature and cooling from temperature. So why do we heat treat steel?

Steel can be classified in various ways. The main alloy element is carbon, which affects the hardness and mechanical properties of steel. It is necessary to heat the steel to change its state and mechanical properties, so that the steel can play a role in manufacturing or its service life cycle.

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