Status of heat treatment processing technology

Heat treatment process generally includes heating, heat preservation, cooling three processes, mold heating furnace sometimes only heating and cooling two processes. These processes are interlinked and cannot be stopped. This process can be realized by means of ceramic heat exchanger. The production technology of ceramic heat exchanger is basically the same as that of kiln furniture. Thermal conductivity and antioxidant properties are the main application properties of materials. It is the principle of the ceramic radiator are placed in flue outlet, higher temperature place, does not need to be mixed air cooling and high temperature protection, when the temperature of the kiln is 1250-1450 ℃, the export of flue temperature should be 1000-1300 ℃, recycling waste heat ceramic heat exchanger can reach 450-750 ℃, warm air into the kiln will be recycled to the form with gas mixture in the combustion gas furnace type vehicle, this directly reduce the production cost, increase economic benefits.

In the metallurgical industry, heating furnace is used to refer to the trolley resistance furnace to heat the metal to the rolling forging temperature of the industrial furnace, including continuous heating furnace and chamber heating furnace. The heating furnace used for heat treatment of metal is also called heat treatment furnace. The furnace which heats the ingot or causes the temperature inside the ingot to be uniform before the initial rolling is called an equalizing furnace. Broadly speaking, heating furnace also includes soaking furnace and heat treatment furnace.

Continuous heating furnace includes push-steel furnace, stepper furnace, rotary bottom furnace, divided chamber furnace, etc. Continuous heating furnace is mainly used for heating the metal billet before rolling, and a few for forging and heat treatment. The main features are: the billet in the furnace according to the rolling rhythm of continuous movement, furnace gas in the furnace is also continuous flow; In general, under the condition that the section size, variety and output of the charge remain unchanged, the temperature of each part of the furnace and the temperature of the metal material in the furnace basically do not change with time but only along the length of the furnace.

Heating furnace working mode: in forging and rolling production, the billet is generally heated in the oxidizing atmosphere of complete combustion flame. Using a reductive flame of incomplete combustion (i.e., "self-protecting atmosphere") to heat the metal directly can achieve the purpose of no oxidation or less oxidation. This heating method is called open flame or open flame oxidation free heating and has been successfully applied to rotary bottom heating furnace and chamber heating furnace.

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