Spheroidizing annealing of heat treatment

Spheroidizing annealing is one of the most commonly used process methods in heat treatment. It is an annealing process for spheroidizing carbide in steel. It can be divided into two types: ordinary annealing and isothermal annealing. Let's see the differences between these two annealing methods:

(1) The ordinary spheroidizing annealing is to heat the steel to 20 ~ 30 ℃ above AC1 for a proper time, then cool it slowly with the furnace, and cool it to about 500 ℃ and air cool it out of the furnace.

(2) The isothermal spheroidizing annealing process is the same as that of the ordinary spheroidizing annealing process. After the furnace is cooled to a temperature slightly lower than AR1, the isothermal time is 1.5 times of its heating and holding time. After isotherm, it will be cooled to about 500 ℃ with the furnace and air cooled.

In the process of heat treatment, there are often rough and deformed parts. This phenomenon is often caused by different annealing methods. As long as the annealing is well controlled, it will be more conducive to everyone's work.

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