Special steel heat treatment preheating before cutting

Alloy steel is also called special steel. One or several alloy elements are added to carbon steel to change the structure of steel, so that the steel has various special properties, such as high strength, hardness, plasticity, toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and many other excellent properties. The following are the properties and uses of some special steels:

1. Tungsten steel and manganese steel: very hard, making metal processing tools, tractor tracks and axles, etc.

2. Manganese silicon steel: it has a very strong toughness. It can be used to make spring sheets, spring rings, etc.

3. Molybdenum steel: high temperature resistant crankshaft, especially hard tools, etc.

4. W-Cr steel: it has high hardness and strong toughness. It can be used as machine tool and mould.

5. Nickel chromium steel (stainless steel): it has strong corrosion resistance and is not easy to be oxidized to produce acid resistant towers, medical devices and daily necessities in chemical production.

In recent years, no matter in the construction period, quality requirements, control accuracy and other aspects of steel structure engineering, the requirements for steel structure production are higher and higher, and the requirements for processing efficiency are also higher and higher. The traditional electric heating preheating speed is too slow, and the traditional flame heating method is difficult to fully mix oxygen with combustible gas, which makes the flame unable to completely burn and carbon deposition, which seriously affects the welding quality. All of these can not meet the development of steel structure processing and production demand. It is better to use automatic temperature control welding synchronous flame preheating technology to improve the efficiency of component processing And quality.

The preheating process of steel structure at home and abroad, which basically adopts the traditional electric heater preheating, or the self-made propane mixed air flame heating method, or determines the preheating temperature according to the situation of steel, etc., are all the methods that need to measure the temperature continuously and manually. In contrast, the automatic control technology and technology of automatic temperature control welding and synchronous flame preheating technology have greater superiority and advancement in efficiency and accuracy, and are at the international advanced level.


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