Special drag chain for die casting machine

The following specifications of the tow chain:

KSL - 10-31 (40 of);

KSH - 24-42 (63);

KSH - 24 w - 42 (63);

KSH - 32 u - 60 (110);

KSH - 32 w - 60 (110);

KSH - 40-110

At the same time, if you don't know the model, you need to confirm the following contents: number of drag chains; Product specifications; Bending radius, node number, fixed head type, moving head type.

Special drag chain for die casting machine

Drag chain features:

1. Excellent silence

The 39dB silencing property is realized at 1m/ SEC action.

2. Excellent low dust emission

Adopt no chain joint structure, less dust, suitable for use as cable guide device in clean room.

3. Excellent durability

No wear part and rolling part, no looseness caused by wear.

It's easy to operate

Open and closed enclosures (except KSL-10) are adopted to facilitate cable and hose collection.

In addition, when additional cables or hoses are needed due to mechanical construction and other factors, parallel joints (parallel installation accessories) can be used to easily add the same size of the tow chain.

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