Six advantages of vacuum heat treatment quenching

Its advantages are as follows:

1. No oxidation, decarburization and derusting, eliminating the surface grinding process, thus saving the consumption of steel and raw materials and the processing time.

2. Degassing effect. Gas that dissolves into a metal under normal pressure diffuses from inside the metal to the surface at negative pressure and escapes. This phenomenon is called degassing. Vacuum quenching heating has the characteristics of degassing, which improves the purity of the material surface, thus increasing the fatigue and plasticity of the mold. Toughness and corrosion resistance.

3. It is beneficial to remove residual grease on the workpiece surface and improve product quality.

4. There is no risk of hydrogen embrittlement of the treated parts to prevent the surface embrittlement of titanium and insoluble metal.

5. Small heat treatment distortion. Because the vacuum heating is slow, the temperature difference between inside and outside the workpiece is small; Vacuum heating generally preheating 1~2 times, the workpiece section temperature difference is small, the thermal stress is small, so will not be due to the external force to produce greater deformation. Generally speaking, the vacuum quenching deformation salt bath quenching 10%~50%.

6. Stable vacuum quenching process, good repeatability, safe operation, high degree of automation, clean and pollution-free working environment.

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