Simulated moving bed separation equipment

Simulated moving bed (SMB) is a kind of main equipment which can be used for continuous operation of chromatography, adsorption, ion exchange, gradient elution and so on. With the combination of adsorbent and multiple monomer columns, the "simulated moving" process can achieve efficient, cheap and continuous separation. The basic function of simulated moving bed equipment is to realize industrialization and continuity of separation technology.

Simulated moving bed separation equipment

Key technology and innovation of SMB equipment

1. Key technology: multi way rotary valve, external structure of channel, manufacturing technology of material liquid distributor.

2. Innovation: multifunctional column chromatography, ion exchange and gradient elution; batch separation operation; 5 functions including continuous ion exchange and continuous separation.

Characteristics of SMB equipment

1. Continuous separation operation;

2. Different separation methods can be adjusted according to the types of biological and pharmaceutical active components;

3. The preparation efficiency is high, and the purification effect is 40% higher than that of general industrial preparation and separation;

4. Low operation cost reduces processing cost by 50% - 80%.

Application prospect of SMB equipment

1. Preparation of functional materials (saponin, isoflavone, glucoside )

2. High purity food ingredients, food additives (fructose syrup, xylooligosaccharide )

3. Medicine

4. oil

5. Chemical industry

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