Silicon carbide whisker

The properties of SiC whisker SiC whisker (SiCw) is a kind of highly oriented single crystal fiber with the diameter of nanometer to micron. Its crystal structure is similar to that of diamond. There are few chemical impurities in the crystal, no crystal boundary, few crystal structure defects, and even crystal phase composition. It has the characteristics of high melting point, low density, high strength, high elastic modulus, low thermal expansion rate, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature oxidation resistance. It is mainly used in the toughening occasions where high temperature and high strength application materials are required.

See the table below for relevant indicators:

Melting point > 2700 ℃

Density 3.21g/cm3

Tensile strength 2100Kg / cm2

Modulus of elasticity 4.9 × 104kg / cm2

There are two types of SiCw: α (hexagonal and rhombohedral) and β (face centered cubic). The performance of β is better than that of α. At present, only β - SiCw has achieved industrial scale production, so β - SiCw is mainly studied and used.


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