Silicon carbide powder - the best choice of paint and coating

The company has been based on the market demand for 12 years since the establishment of the company. In combination with a number of well-known domestic universities and scientific research institutions, the company is committed to producing the best quality silicon carbide powder in China, which is highly praised by domestic customers. It ranks the fifth in the industry appraisal in 2014. The following is about silicon carbide powder The oilstone used in paint and coating addition is briefly introduced as follows:

1. The potential of resin dosage / dosage is great: because in any shape, the sphere has the smallest specific surface area and the demand for resin is the least. The accumulation of particles has also been improved. The wide particle size distribution of SiC ceramic powder enables the small microspheres to fill the gap between the large microspheres. The results are as follows: high content, high solid content, low VOC and reducing the amount of other components;

2. Low viscosity / improved fluidity: unlike irregular shaped particles, SiC ceramic powders roll easily between each other. This makes the system with SiC ceramic powder have lower viscosity and better fluidity. Moreover, the sprayability of the system is also improved;

3. Hardness / wear resistance: silicon carbide ceramic powder is a kind of hard microsphere with high strength, which can enhance the hardness, washability and wear resistance of the coating;

4. Inert: SiC ceramic powder is composed of inert components, so it has excellent durability, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance;

5. Opacity: the spherical shape of silicon carbide ceramic powder makes the light slowly radiate and scatter, and increases the covering power of the coating;

6. No pollution of polysilicon: unlike other fillers, the content of polysilicon in silicon carbide ceramic powder is below the harmless level. This kind of SiC ceramic powder is not regarded as carcinogen and does not need special warning signs.


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