Silicon carbide for steelmaking

In recent years, silicon carbide for steelmaking has gradually developed into the main auxiliary material for steelmaking. On the one hand, silicon carbide has the advantages of increasing silicon, increasing carbon, deoxidizing and reducing alloy consumption; on the other hand, silicon carbide is an effective warming agent for converter steelmaking, which is conducive to slag desulfurization and alkali less slag erosion of refractory bricks.

Silicon carbide is also called deoxidizer. Its melting point is lower than that of molten steel. It can ensure alloy melting, even distribution and even deoxidization.

However, there are many impurities in low-grade silicon carbide, and the amount of slag removal is large. At present, the silicon carbide used in steelmaking is mainly 70%, 80% and 88%. Particle size from 0-10 mm, 1-10 mm are mostly used.

In practical use, the burning loss of silicon carbide deoxidizer in the furnace, the loss in the process of adding with the escape of furnace gas, etc. should be taken into account. Therefore, the actual adding amount of silicon carbide is larger than the theoretical adding amount (1.04kg / T). After a large number of experiments, the actual adding amount of silicon carbide, the diffusion deoxidizer for electric furnace steelmaking, is set as 2kg / T.

Carburizing effect: according to many situations, the effect is relatively good, especially in smelting, it is very beneficial to increase the graphite core, increase the number of graphite balls of nodular iron, and improve the graphite morphology of gray iron.

Consumption of ferrosilicon: it is proved that the consumption of ferrosilicon and silicon particles is significantly reduced after the use of easily absorbed silicon carbide. Through the test of 3 tons of medium frequency furnace, the consumption of 10 kg ferrosilicon per ton of steel can be reduced to 6-7 kg per ton of steel, and the consumption of alloy can be reduced by more than one third. Unintentionally reducing the cost of steelmaking from the source.


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