Silicon carbide ceramics are applied in the research and development of new aero

The Institute of aerospace materials and technology was established in Beijing in 1957. It is the research center of materials and technology in the field of aerospace in China. Yao Tongbin, the first director of the Institute, is the winner of the medal of merit of "two bombs and one star". The Institute has won 32 National Science Conference Awards, 26 national science and technology progress awards, and more than 400 national defense science and technology awards and ministerial science and technology progress awards.

The Institute of aerospace materials and technology has established the Key Laboratory of advanced functional composite technology, the research and application center of resin matrix composite structure manufacturing technology, and the National Engineering Laboratory of functional carbon fiber composite technology. It is the Research Institute of Aerospace Technology Center, with aerospace testing and failure analysis center, aerospace science and technology group composite forming and processing technology center NDT process technology center, welding process technology center (Branch), surface engineering process technology center (Branch). It has passed gjb9001 and AS9100 quality system certification, integrating aerospace material application research, process research, product trial production and production, and has strong research, trial production and production capacity.

The Institute of aerospace materials and technology has a complete set of specialties, mainly engaged in the research and development of aerospace and high-tech new materials and processes, the production of non-metal, special metal and composite products. It is the research and development base of China's advanced composite materials, an application-oriented research institute integrating scientific research and production, undertaking a large number of aerospace product research and production tasks, with Fengfeng With rich experience in composite material design, processing and production, and with novel and unique material process design scheme, it provides lighter, stronger and special functional components for rocket, satellite and other high-tech fields. Products and technologies have been widely used in aerospace, aviation, water conservancy, communications, energy, sporting goods and other industries.


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