Silicon carbide as substrate material of LED chip

The silicon carbide products produced mainly by silicon carbide powder are widely used in foam ceramics, seals, photovoltaic solar cutting, refractory materials, pressureless sintering, thermal insulation materials, coatings, battery negative materials, rubber addition and polishing, etc.

Through continuous innovation and research and development, we have successfully developed silicon carbide products that can be applied to LED chip substrate materials.

At present, there are generally three kinds of materials on the market, including sapphire (Al2O3), silicon (SI), silicon carbide (SIC). For making LED chips, the choice of substrate material is the most critical and primary issue. For which material should be used and which is the most suitable substrate, it needs to be selected according to the requirements of equipment and LED devices.

Silicon carbide material is a kind of wide band gap semiconductor material, which is also the third generation semiconductor material with the most mature development at present. It has excellent thermal, mechanical, chemical and electrical properties. It is not only one of the best materials for making high-temperature, high-frequency and high-power electronic devices, but also can be used as the substrate material for gallium nitride based blue light-emitting diodes. It can be widely used in the fields of power electronics, microwave devices and led optoelectronics.

At present, there are only two kinds of substrate materials that can be commercialized, namely sapphire and silicon carbide. However, compared with the price of the two, the cost of sapphire is too high, and silicon carbide has more advantages. Jinmeng new materials company believes that silicon carbide will be more widely used in LED chip field in the near future.

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