Several points for attention in the use of thermostat

Several important matters should be paid attention to in the process of using water - cooled thermostats

The cabinet structure, refrigeration system and control technology of the water-cooled thermostats have been greatly improved, with more stable technical indexes, more reliable operation and more convenient maintenance. It is equipped with universal roller, which is convenient to move in the laboratory.

Structure characteristics of water-cooled cold and heat integrated thermostat:

The shell of the water-cooled cold and heat integrated thermostat is made of 1.5mm thick cold-rolled steel plate and the inner liner is made of 1.2mm sus304 stainless steel wire-drawing plate and the insulation layer is made of 100mm ultra-fine insulating glass wool. The outer layer of the high-temperature and low-temperature cabinet is made of two layers of stainless steel mesh structure without hair ironing and condensation cabinet. The height of the water-cooled cold and heat integrated thermostat can be adjusted at will. Roller adopts positioning round window USES toughened glass hinge adopt stainless steel material quality lighting energy-saving lighting, can clearly see the casing test product article silica gel using anti-aging high temperature silicone can be 400 ℃ high temperature resistant and - 180 ℃ low temperature single point temperature, constant temperature and humidity testing machine industry use: single point constant temperature and humidity test chamber testing various materials heat-resistant, hardy, resistance to dry and wet performance. This machine can choose Chinese or English LCD touch screen screen, simple operation, easy program editing. Can display the complete system operating status related data, execution and set the program curve. If abnormal condition occurs during operation, the screen will automatically display the cause of failure and provide troubleshooting methods.

Several matters that should be paid attention to in the process of using water-cooled cold and heat integrated thermostat:

1. There is a test hole on the side of the machine, which can be connected to the test line in the box.

2. If you want to observe the changes in the box during the test, the water-cooled cold and heat integrated thermostat can turn on the LIGHT switch and know the changes in the room through the window.

3. If the machine is operating below 0℃, try to avoid opening the door, because at low temperature, if the door is easy to cause the internal evaporator and other parts of the ice phenomenon, especially the lower the temperature is more serious, if it must be opened, should try to shorten the opening time.

4. When the low temperature operation is completed, be sure to set the temperature condition of 60℃ and conduct drying treatment for about half an hour to avoid affecting the measuring time of the next operation condition or icing phenomenon.

5. The radiator (condenser) of the freezing machine should be maintained regularly and kept clean.

6. When the humidifying bucket enters the water pipe, the remaining air must be completely discharged to prevent water from entering.

7. During operation, do not open the box door of the water-cooled cold and heat integrated thermostat unless necessary, or it may cause the following adverse consequences: high temperature humidity out of the box is very dangerous; The inside of the door is still damaged by high temperature; Hot air can trigger fire alarms and cause false starts.

8. Please note that the unit must be securely grounded to avoid electrostatic induction.

9. Avoid shutting down and restarting the freezing unit within 3 minutes.

10. If the hot test material is placed in the box, please use the external power supply for the test power control of the water-cooled cold and hot integrated thermostat, and do not directly use the local power supply.

Circuit breakers, temperature overheat protectors, provide safety protection for the operator with the test of the machine, so please check periodically.

12. The correct amount of relative humidity can be ensured only by the correct installation of wet ball gauze.

13. Do not test explosive, water-cooled thermostats for flammability and highly corrosive substances.

14. Please read the controller manual and related manual carefully before operating the constant temperature and humidity machine.

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