Selection of heat resistant steel castings for heat treatment

Factors to be considered in the selection of heat resistant steel castings

Heat-resistant steel castings have high strength, high plasticity and toughness, and some steel castings have good weldability, which are widely used in machinery manufacturing, metallurgy and chemical industry, transportation, aerospace, aviation and other sectors. Only in the application of the problem can be found, so after the experienced heat resistant steel casting manufacturers analysis, it needs to pay attention to the material selection factors, heat treatment equipment vacuum furnace small make up feel necessary to talk about, understand can be impressed again, do not understand can learn.

Selection of heat resistant steel castings for heat treatment

Among the many heat-resistant steel brands, the following factors should be considered comprehensively when selecting heat-resistant steel that meets the working conditions of the cement plant:

(1) The working temperature of heat-resistant steel castings. Operating temperature refers to higher, normal and lower temperatures and the rate of change of temperature.

(2) Mechanical load of heat-resistant steel castings.

(3) Gas in contact with heat-resistant steel castings and their conditions (including wind speed dust content, chemical composition, etc.).

(4) The price should be low, where can use chromium, nickel content low cast heat resistant steel, not high chromium, nickel content.

Heat-resistant steel castings refer to steel working at high temperature, which is closely related to the technological progress of power stations, boilers, gas turbines, internal combustion engines, aviation engines and other industrial sectors.

What is the working environment of heat resistant steel castings?

The material used in boilers and reheating furnaces is low carbon steel. The temperature used is generally around 200℃ and the pressure is only 0.8mpa. Until now the boiler with low carbon steel, such as 20g, the service temperature does not exceed 450℃, the working pressure does not exceed 6MPa. With the continuous increase of the use temperature of various power units and the rapid increase of working pressure, the use temperature of modern heat-resistant steel has reached 700℃, and the use environment has become more complex and harsh. At present, the use of heat resistant steel temperature range of 200 ~ 1300℃, working pressure of several mpa to dozens of mpa, working environment from the simple oxidation atmosphere, developed to vulcanization atmosphere, mixed atmosphere and molten salt and liquid metal and other more complex environment.

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