Screw bolt screw annealing furnace

Well tempering furnace is used for annealing of screws, bolts and screws in order to eliminate the internal stress of screws, bolts and screws through annealing process.

The purpose of annealing furnaces for screws, bolts and screws is to eliminate the internal stress of screws, bolts and screws through annealing process. The annealing furnace should be equipped with a hot air circulation device to make the furnace temperature uniform, the workpiece heated evenly, the furnace load is large, and the productivity is high, which is suitable for tempering, quenching and preheating of various mechanical parts; the furnace lining adopts the all fiber structure, which improves the thermal insulation performance of the furnace body, saves energy, reduces production cost, is convenient for loading and controlling materials, and the operation conditions are good.

Requirements for screws, bolts and screws when operating well type tempering furnace in annealing furnace

1. The shell of this series of electric furnace is welded with steel plate and section steel. The bottom of the furnace body is connected with the light rail of the trolley. Users do not need to install the foundation, but only put it on the flat cement ground for use.

2. The furnace lining adopts fiber cotton structure and long fiber thorn blanket as raw material, with good heat preservation effect, and the construction of the product is convenient and quick.

3. The heating element adopts "304" stainless steel electric heating pipe, which is respectively hung and placed on both sides of the furnace wall and on the trolley, safe and simple.

4. The centrifugal fan is installed on the top of the furnace, and the fan blade is installed in the butterfly type air nest. The butterfly type air nest is connected with the air duct on the side of the furnace to form the hot air circulation. The air is inhaled from the top, and then discharged from the bottom through the air ducts on both sides, and the heat generated by the electric heating pipe is sent into the furnace, and the furnace temperature is even. The bottom plate of steel casting furnace with high toughness and heat resistance is paved in the trolley for bearing steel parts.

5. The inlet and outlet device of the trolley is composed of reducer, chain wheel, transmission shaft, bearing and other parts, and the furnace door is connected to the trolley, which is compressed by hand wheel. The furnace door can also be made into side opening or lifting type, which is designed to be simple and convenient according to the operation requirements of customers.

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