Saltpetre furnace

Application of nitrate furnace products

This series of nitrates furnace is suitable for austempering of railway locomotives, ball mill lining plates, steel balls, crusher Hammerheads and various metal mechanical parts. It can use nitrates for non oxidation heating, tempering heating, austempering cooling and other processes.

Characteristics of saltpetre furnace products

1. The furnace body is welded with section steel and steel plate, the furnace surface is made of cold-rolled steel plate, and the furnace lining is made of energy-saving, ultra light and high strength 0.6g/cm3 The whole structure is standard energy-saving furnace lining.

2. The resistance wire is spirally wound with ocr25ai5 high temperature resistance wire and placed on the separator brick of the furnace lining according to the method of uniform temperature distribution. The separator brick is made of 20 degree anti hanging wire brick at the front, so the resistance wire is not easy to fall out.

3. The crucible is made of heat-resistant stainless steel plate by close welding, and it is subject to X-ray detection in our factory. At the two sides of the crucible are installed with multiple inlet stainless steel pipes. A porous jet pipe is formed at the bottom of the crucible, so that the nitric acid liquid can quickly cycle and flip, and the temperature in the nitric acid liquid can be uniform at any point. Through the cooperation of the automatic temperature control electric cabinet, the quenching workpiece can be quickly cooled to any process temperature required by the isothermal quenching in a very short time.

The following functions can be selected according to the user's requirements

1. The temperature recorder can record the temperature curve of the whole working process, and can choose the middle circle chart recorder or paperless recorder.

2. Centralized computer control, one computer can remotely control the temperature control program setting, temperature curve recording and other functions of multiple electric furnaces, with convenient operation and reliable control.

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