Safety technical requirements for heat treatment plant

Metal heat treatment is a metal materials (including black metal and non-ferrous metal materials and its processed workpiece) within the scope of the solid state, through a certain heating, heat preservation and cooling, the metal or alloy internal organization change, can achieve the expected performance (such as mechanical properties, processing performance and physical and chemical properties), organization and structure of the floorboard of the process.

What are the safety technical management of heat treatment and the safety technical requirements for workers? So let's see.

1. Safety technology management of heat treatment workshop

There are many harmful and unsafe factors in the heat treatment workshop, which involve a wide range. It is necessary to prevent the occurrence of malignant accidents (such as fire, explosion, etc.). Also should pay attention to the heat treatment workshop daily safety technology and waste management. This is the first to strengthen the leadership of safety technology work. Safety technology work should be implemented, safety duty should be responsible for the person, often supervise and urge the safety of production, to prevent accidents.

Workshop leaders should regularly organize research on safety technology and waste management. Regularly organize relevant professionals to carry out safety inspection on electrical equipment, machinery, fire control, waste disposal and other facilities, and timely find and deal with unsafe hidden dangers. Second, it is necessary to improve the safety technology operation rules, for heat treatment of various heating equipment, electrical equipment and the use of inflammable and explosive and toxic, harmful items should be formulated safety operation management rules, the development of the operation rules and discharge requirements of waste disposal. And as an important content of technical business education to the staff.

2. Technical safety requirements for heat treatment workers

All new workers engaged in heat treatment operation, in addition to the three levels of safety education, but also must be specialized in heat treatment safety technology education. Only after passing the safety technology examination and obtaining the safety operation certificate can it be operated independently. The operator must be familiar with the main structure, technical performance and operation methods of the equipment and auxiliary equipment. Understand the safety accidents that equipment is prone to. Know how to prevent accidents and how to rescue them in general. It is also necessary to understand the performance of inflammable, explosive, toxic and harmful chemicals and the rules for their safe use. Heat treatment operators should be able to consciously, strictly according to the operation procedures, according to the provisions of wear protective equipment (such as work clothes, work cap, gloves, masks and protective goggles).

Heat treatment company is a heat treatment professional production enterprises, the company produces sophisticated equipment, complete detection means, production excellence, can undertake all kinds of workpiece annealing, normalizing, tempering, cricket fire, carburizing, nitriding, carbon nitrogen co-osmosis. Multiple co-osmosis. The surface of the gear axle Cui fire.

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