Safety technical operation rules of electric furnace

1. Preparation before operation of electric furnace

1.1 all kinds of utensils on the platform are not allowed to be thrown randomly in case of injury.

1.2 enter the workshop must wear labor protection equipment.

1.3 when the standby electrodes are connected, the plane between the electrodes must be tight and the drill positioning pin should be used correctly.

2. Operation on and off the furnace

2.1 no one is allowed to work on the top of the furnace when the power is on.

2.2 no one is allowed to be on the top of the furnace when the furnace body tilts and the furnace cover rises or falls.

2.3 the electrician shall be present to inspect and monitor the resupply of the electric furnace after the steel discharge or the power failure is more than 2 hours, and queue up faults.

3. Normal operation

3.1 after opening a new furnace or power failure ≥4 hours, before power transmission must be through the overhaul of the maintenance staff and consent, can open the furnace.

3.2 in the process of processing after the steel outlet is blocked, people should stand on both sides to prevent the red slag from falling into people. Check whether the tray is closed in place before stuffing.

3.3 when the material in the furnace is collapsed and the surface slag temperature is high, tilting the furnace is strictly prohibited.

3.4 in the first furnace of the new furnace, it is not suitable to blow oxygen to facilitate melting.

3.5 during the oxidation period, it is strictly prohibited to remove slag from the eccentric area and to enter the pit for water generation.

3.6 do not walk or stay under the crane. Get out of the way immediately when you hear the bell.

3.7 there shall be no water or damp sundries in the slag bag containing the red slag bag. When the red slag bag contains the red slag bag, it is not allowed to draw water or press the slag with damp sundries.

3.8 the residue adhered to the front slag anti-slag board must be treated regularly.

3.9 do not operate under the condition that the furnace cover or the furnace body is leaking.

3.10 when feeding the first time, the bolt will be pulled off after feeding into the furnace. Oxygen blowing treatment is allowed in front of the furnace, but the oxygen gun must be held at the end on both sides of the furnace door. Oxygen blowing treatment is strictly prohibited when feeding the second or third time.

4. Troubleshooting of electric furnace

4.1 there shall be no living weight on the furnace item to prevent the furnace body from sliding down and injuring people when it tilting.

4.2 all electrical appliances after the beginning of use to zero and cut off the power.

4.3 all sampling tools must be dry. Do not pour molten steel into wet or wet places.

4.4 during oxygen blowing operation, first check whether the leather tube is loose, and always remove the sliding tooth of the oxygen gun joint. The oxygen gun or oxygen pipe should not be put on the shoulder. Greasy hands and gloves are not allowed to touch the switch.

4.5 when the furnace charge comes out at high temperature, the special pressing slag bag shall be applied, and it is forbidden to bump against the furnace cover or press with other heavy materials.

4.6 all utensils on the platform are not allowed to be thrown down, in case of injury.

5. Safety maintenance

5.1 for the furnace operation, two persons must confirm that the power supply has been cut off.

5.2 there is standing water in the furnace. It is strictly prohibited to feed and supply electricity.

6. Electric furnace accident potential treatment.

6.1 before the pit is cleaned, someone must take care of it. It is strictly prohibited to clear slag in the pit or on both sides of the track under the furnace after the furnace charge is melted.

6.2 before use, it is necessary to seriously inspect the steel wire rope of slag bag and slag-bag, and immediately stop using it and replace it in time if serious wear or too much broken wire is found.

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