Safety requirements for heat treatment and processing

Heat treatment operation is to operate in high temperature environment, and water, electricity, gas, inflammable, explosive and toxic substances will be contacted at the production site. In order to prevent electric shock, fire, explosion, poisoning and personal, equipment and quality accidents, heat treatment workers must be familiar with the equipment, process and safety knowledge to achieve safe production.

General safety requirements for heat treatment and processing

1. Before operation, first of all, be familiar with the heat treatment process procedures and the equipment to be used.

2. During operation, necessary protective articles must be worn, such as work clothes, gloves, protective glasses, etc.

3. Do not place anything between heating equipment and cooling equipment that will hinder operation.

4. The mixing of carburizing agent and sand blasting shall be carried out in a separate room, and sufficient ventilation equipment shall be provided.

5. The dangerous area of equipment (such as power lead, bus bar, conducting rod and transmission mechanism of electric furnace) shall be protected by wire mesh, fence, plate, etc.

6. All tools used for heat treatment shall be placed in an orderly manner, and residual and inappropriate tools shall not be used.

7. The entrances and exits of the workshop and the access roads in the workshop shall be accessible. A fire-extinguishing sand box shall be arranged near the nozzle of the heavy oil furnace and the nozzle of the gas furnace, and a fire extinguisher shall be placed in the workshop.

8. The workpiece after heat treatment shall not be used for touching, so as to avoid burns.

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