Roll butt straight seam welding machine

Roll butt straight seam welding machine

Product introduction of circular butt welding machine

Crimping docking straight seam welding machine, the equipment is mainly used for plate length of stitching, can be used for a variety of welding material of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, copper alloys, such as metal, and could be selected according to the production process of argon arc welding wire filling wire filling) or not (can, roll round butt straight seam welding machine for melting pole gas protection welding, plasma welding and other welding power source, cooperate with PLC programmable processor, and advanced man-machine interactive interface, automatic welding system.

Application range of rolling butt joint welding machine

The structural forms of work pieces that can be welded by the circular butt joint welding machine include metal sheet, cylindrical work piece, cone tube, frustum, and plate splicing. The machine can be widely used in pressure vessels, auto parts, medical machinery, building decoration, household appliances, food machinery and other manufacturing industries where longitudinal welding is required.

Characteristics of straight butt joint welding machine

1. Welding object: external longitudinal seam of the cylinder, flat plate butt, appearance beautiful, uniform lines, narrow weld width, the same height, smooth weld, no deformation!

2, welding gun walking machine mechanism: straight seam welding machine USES high-power dc motor, high speed and low speed when walking very powerful! There is no vibration in the process of up and down lifting and walking. Customers can test some automatic manufacturers, welding gun up and down when the vibration is obviously strong.

3, the use of high precision linear guide rail: less abrasion can maintain the accuracy for years! There will be no slippage!

4, the main shaft with copper liner: to protect the surface of the workpiece from damage, the shaft is embedded with water cooling tube, ensure that the workpiece welding heat evenly and quickly, the back of the weld forming beautiful!

5, pressing plate jig: straight seam welding machine using electroplating, ensure that the jig used for many years will still be very precise, wear-resistant and durable, bright as new!

6. Electrical system: the straight seam welding machine adopts mitsubishi PLC control, stable performance, strong anti-interference! Each line has a clear marking, the factory programming PLC control system, has never received a maintenance call!

7. Energy saving and environmental protection: the voltage of this welding electromechanical source is 220V, and the input power is only 100W, which is very power-saving!

8, good versatility: a straight seam welding machine can weld a variety of different diameter, different length, different material thickness of products!

9, simple operation: step on the foot switch twice, press the "start" switch, can automatically complete the welding of a workpiece. No technology, any general workers can operate!

10, straight seam welding machine product specification: its size can be customized! Because product specification is different, the price is different also! Welcome to inquire! Company introduction: beststar is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel automatic welding equipment, special molding machine, double-layer cup, pot, barrel production line, manipulator welding engineering design and production of best-selling consumer market.

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