Resistance furnace lining material

What kind of lining should be used for resistance furnace with high requirement of air tightness

The resistance furnace uses electricity as energy and converts electric energy into heat energy. It has the characteristics of fast temperature rise, good temperature uniformity, high temperature control accuracy and convenient operation, and is widely used in the material heat treatment industry. There are many kinds of resistance furnaces, and there are great differences in structure, such as box furnace, vacuum furnace, well furnace, mesh belt furnace, roller hearth furnace, push plate furnace, tunnel furnace, trolley furnace, etc.

The difference of various resistance furnaces lies in the use of the furnace, electric heating elements, furnace structure, lining materials and atmosphere in the furnace cavity. For example, the lining of internal heated box type resistance furnace and well type furnace, if the internal atmosphere is in the air state, the sealing is not considered, and the refractory and thermal insulation materials are mostly used. If the internal heating mode is under vacuum or other atmosphere conditions, which requires better air tightness, metal materials must be used as furnace lining.

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