RG series coalescing and separating oil filter

RG series coalescing and separating oil filter consists of rough filter, semi-fine filter, fine filter and coalescing separator, oil pump and circuit control system. It has three functions: 1) Filtration and dehydration to remove emulsified water, free water and impurities in the corresponding oil products; 2) Filter oil separately and use it as a refueling machine; The working principle is as follows: the oil flows through the specially made high-efficiency filter element, through which the filter element passes from the surface to the inside, and gradually reduces the gradual pore structure along the flow direction, so as to intercept the pollution particles of different sizes in different layers, which maximizes the service life and filtration efficiency of the filter element. 3) Setting internal circulation is cheap to replace coalescing separation filter element.

RG series coalescing and separating oil filter

Working principle is: the oil in the system through a strainer first, in order to protect the oil pump is not damaged by big particles of dirt, then oil is pumped into a fine filter, enter the coalescence tank coalescing filter, due to the unique molecular structure of polarity coalescing filter materials, free water and emulsification water through the filter of oil after form for larger droplets, and sink to the water storage tank under gravity. The smaller size of the water droplets under the action of inertia along with the oil up to the separation core. The separation filter element is made of special hydrophobic material. When the oil passes through, the water droplets are blocked outside the filter element. After mutual accumulation, the size gradually increases, and finally, due to gravity settlement, they are discharged into the water storage tank at the bottom of the coalesizer. After the oil is dehydrated, it goes into the fine filter to ensure that the cleanliness of the oil entering the user's tank meets the design standard.

Rg-i fuel oil coalescing and separating filter

It is suitable for the purification of aviation fuel, gasoline, kerosene, diesel and other light oils, removing moisture and particles in the oil, prolonging the life of nozzle and improving the efficiency of fuel engine. It is the ideal equipment for oil depot and storage station.

Rg-ii turbine oil coalescing and separating oil filter

It is used in filter and dewatering system of turbine oil. It integrates the functions of precise filtration and efficient dehydration into one, and can effectively remove particulate impurities, emulsified water and free water in the oil. Improve oil quality, reduce reprocessing and pollution costs, reduce maintenance and use costs.

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