R600a refrigerant production line vacuum oil filter

Ld-6zk-600 refrigerating oil online vacuum oil filter is mainly used to purify refrigerating oil for refrigerator compressor, air conditioning compressor and automobile air conditioning compressor. It can efficiently and continuously remove dust, water and particle impurities contained in the oil and improve the performance of the compressor oil.

R600a refrigerant production line vacuum oil filter

R600 refrigerant (compressor oil) features

The excellent thermophysics of R600a determines that the refrigerant has higher energy efficiency than CFCS and HFCS. The efficiency of compressor (COP value) and the refrigeration efficiency of refrigerator (power consumption index) are both higher than R134a.

1. No fluorine, no pollution.

2. High refrigeration efficiency and small compressor power.

3. The production cost of refrigerator R600A freon is relatively low.

4. In the process of manufacturing refrigerator R600A refrigerant, the loss is small, and the refrigerating dose of each refrigerator filled with R600A is small, as long as about 50g.

5. Refrigerator R600A refrigerant has no special requirements on its system materials, and the system runs reliably.

Disadvantages of R600a refrigerant

1. Due to the flammability of R600A refrigerant, improper use of Refrigerator R600A refrigerant will easily cause combustion and explosion.

2. Safety and explosion-proof measures shall be put into the production process of refrigerator R600A refrigerant.

3. R600a refrigerant is not suitable for air-cooled refrigerators and high-dose filling refrigerators.

Technical characteristics of vacuum filter for refrigerating oil

1) Vacuum degassing, dehydration and particle removal of engine oil (mineral oil, etc.).

2) It can run automatically continuously without constant supervision.

3) Intermittent dehydration is suitable for use when high dehydration is required. Continuous dewatering is suitable for use when handling large quantities.

Various options

1) According to users' needs, industrial PLC intelligent controller, touch screen and frequency converter are optional;

2) According to the needs of the operating environment, the equipment is equipped with conventional electrical control system and explosion-proof electrical control system for choice;

3) Flow meter, on-line moisture detector and on-line particle size detector with accumulative function are optional;

4) The tank and pipe of the equipment are provided with ordinary carbon steel and stainless steel for choice;

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