Quickly learn stainless steel butterfly valve selection skills

Various types of valves are indispensable components in the pipeline system, but many people do not choose to buy the valve, in fact, master the skills are very simple, today with the stainless steel butterfly valve selection method as an example, to explain to you.

Quickly learn stainless steel butterfly valve selection skills

1. Understand the butterfly valve type

Butterfly valve is commonly used two types of the wafer butterfly valve and flanged butterfly valve, we must first understand the difference between the two, the wafer butterfly valve flange, so when you install by stud bolt to connect on the pipe flange, flange type butterfly valve structure found on the flange, installed directly with the flange connection of two pipes together.

2. Master the purpose and characteristics of butterfly valve

We know that there are many types of stainless steel valves, globe valves, check valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, gate valves and so on, so in the clear need for stainless steel butterfly valves, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the structure and function characteristics and purpose of the butterfly valve. Butterfly valve is also known as the flap valve, is a relatively simple structure of the control valve, the function is to regulate the fluid medium in the pipeline, through the closure of parts around the axis rotation to achieve the opening and closing of the valve and regulation.

3. Identify reliable manufacturers

Although stainless steel butterfly valve volume is small, simple structure, but play a key role. There are a lot of valve sales manufacturers on the market, but the level of quality sometimes has a big difference, there are regular big brands also have no license business small workshop, we must not covet cheap choice unreliable small factory, otherwise the final loss or their own.

Stainless steel butterfly valve is a very important pipeline components, regular brand manufacturers, not only can greatly reduce pipeline leakage and blockage of many problems, but also to ensure a longer service life, which is also an indirect profit.

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