Quenching fluid problem for mesh belt furnace

The water-soluble quenching liquid is environmentally friendly and anti-corrosive. It is a good choice for single-liquid quenching of continuous furnaces. However, it still has some limitations. For example, for 40Cr, 45Mn and other steels, the ratio of deformation and cracking should not be underestimated. I have used U-con quenching liquid (it is imported products, the price is not cheap), the workpiece is 45 steel wrench and sleeve, the heating temperature and quenching temperature are not high, but it is often encountered that there is about 5% quenching Cracking may be due to the fact that the manganese content of the batch is at the upper limit. As for some thick and disparate workpieces, the proportion of cracking is even greater. 40Cr is even more fearful, almost afraid to have this thought. As for the concentration of the configuration is done according to the standard requirements, the quenched sample has been sent to the quenching liquid supplier to find a solution, and there is not much way for the supplier to do so.


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