Pyrolytic high temperature process

Pyrolysis is a method called high-temperature device, which refers to the reduction of metal oxides with silicon and aluminum to obtain low carbon or micro carbon ferroalloys. The process of vacuum furnace is also here, no matter what process will reflect the impact of high temperature.

The furnace used to realize the reduction process is called reduction furnace, and the furnace used to realize the pyrolysis process is called refining furnace. The structures of the two furnaces are different. Reduction furnace is used to melt ferrosilicon and high carbon ferromanganese, ferrosilicon, calcium silicon alloy, etc. Structure of furnace and auxiliary equipment, which is a huge electric heating device. Continuous production reduction furnace, regular discharge of slag and alloy, furnace molten pool is usually used for large-scale carbon brick masonry, furnace is cylindrical or conical.

According to the existence of furnace cover, the furnace can be divided into closed type and open type. There is an exhaust hood above the open furnace mouth. The closed hood is made of fire-resistant concrete and water-cooled metal structure. After the furnace mouth is closed, the working conditions are good, the productivity is high, and the furnace gas can be recovered, but it is not easy to operate and maintain. According to the furnace structure, the furnace can be divided into rotary type and fixed type, and the bottom of rotary furnace With rotating device, the rotating speed is 70-80h per revolution. However, the furnace cover does not rotate. The sand seal or water seal is used between the furnace body and the furnace cover. The slow rotation of the furnace body can avoid the charging of the upper part of the high temperature area, so that the furnace gas can be discharged smoothly, the reaction area is expanded, and the furnace temperature is uniform. The bottom of the fixed furnace is made of asbestos plate, refractory, clay brick and carbon brick.

The refining furnace of vacuum atmosphere furnace is used to produce low carbon and micro carbon ferroalloy and manganese metal, and the furnace is recycled. Its structure is similar to the steelmaking electric arc furnace. The refining furnace has two versions: fixed and tiltable. Most of the fixed furnaces do not have a furnace cover. Their products usually contain more than 0.5% carbon. Most of the tilted furnaces have a furnace cover. The carbon content of the products is usually less than 0.5%. The reduction furnace usually uses self baking electrodes. The refining furnace uses self baking electrodes using carbon electrodes or graphite electrodes.

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