Pusher type isothermal normalizing and tempering production line

Product use

The pusher type isothermal normalizing and tempering production line can be used for normalizing and tempering continuous heat treatment of general medium and small size carbon steel and medium carbon low alloy steel forgings.

Product features

1. Bare electric radiant tube is used for heating, with long service life and convenient replacement;

2. The imported intelligent instrument controls the temperature, uses the thyristor power regulator to supply power, continuously adjusts, and saves electricity significantly;

3. Each heating zone is equipped with double couple and double meters, which are respectively used for temperature control and over temperature alarm;

4. The air cooling room adopts sealed high-temperature fan with large air volume. The air volume and air temperature are adjustable, and the workpiece is cooled evenly;

5. Adopt the programmable controller imported from Japan to control the operation of the equipment and ensure reliable and durable operation;

6. Touch operation screen to display the equipment action sequence;

7. The line can also use the forging waste heat for isothermal normalizing, with energy saving up to 75%.

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