Purpose of resisting fuel oil vacuum cleaner

Aiming at the analysis of oil pollution composition of anti-fuel, our company developed a vacuum oil filter for anti-fuel treatment. The whole machine adopts stainless steel material and special sealing material, which can filter both online and offline.

Purpose of resisting fuel oil vacuum cleaner

Anti-fuel vacuum ion exchange oil purifier is widely used in all kinds of large thermal power unit regulation system for electro-hydraulic control anti-fuel on or off line oil purification, phosphate ester anti-fire hydraulic oil purification treatment during equipment installation and maintenance. It can quickly remove impurities, water, gas, light hydrocarbon, acid value, ammonia, etc., improve fuel resistance resistivity, restore the unique performance of fuel resistance.

It can effectively filter 99.9% free gas and 95% dissolved gas.

It can effectively filter 99.9% free water and 98% dissolved water. The oil acid value below 0.1 increases its high resistivity.

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