Purpose of on-load tap changer for in-line oil filter

1.Overview of online oil filter with on-load tap switch

Czkjz-g series tap changer on-line oil filter is mainly used for loop filtration of winding transformer on-load tap switch. On-load tap changer transformer tap changer equipment on-line oil filter can effectively remove the large amount of free carbon and water in the oil caused by the frequency load switch required by voltage regulation. Improve the insulation strength of oil, ensure the quality of oil chamber, extend switch maintenance cycle, reduce power failure, increase power supply, and ensure the quality of power supply voltage.

Purpose of on-load tap changer for in-line oil filter

2. Applicable scope of on-load tap changer oil filter

Czkjz-g series on-line oil filter is mainly used for combination and compound types of various voltage classes, and it runs independent oil chamber and load tap switch in transformer. The equipment adopts Siemens LOGO control technology, has manual, active, on-time start, on-load switch operation self-lock, operation time setting and other functions, and has video recording and other functions, such as the number of actions, alarms. In addition, the product is equipped with a temperature controller, when the temperature is below 5°C or humidity reaches 85%, the heater will start to operate, thus ensuring the equipment can operate normally in a variety of environments; And the completion of all-weather unattended initiatives. (If the vacuum oil filter that needs to deal with transformer oil can be used insulation oil two-stage vacuum oil filter)

3. Main parameters of the equipment

Additional pressure 0.35mpa Additional flow 10L/min

The power of the motor is 0.37KW 380V / 50Hz

Filter element precision ≤ 5 m insulation oil and water content ≤20PPm

Machine weight 75Kg, machine size 650X900X300

Medium temperature -20 to 80 Ambient temperature -25 to 70°C

Inlet connection flange Connection outlet connection flange connection

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