Production operation of cable annealing furnace

Practical operation sequence of cable annealing furnace production mainly includes

Oven drying operation: the oven drying is carried out according to the predetermined oven drying curve, the purpose of which is to remove the moisture in the masonry, and make the transformation of the bricks, avoid the cracking and peeling phenomenon of the masonry, and affect the service life of the furnace lining.

Furnace opening and shutdown operation: use the equipment reasonably according to the operation regulations of industrial furnace, and make the preparation, opening and shutdown before furnace opening correctly, otherwise, it is easy to cause equipment and personal injury. Thermal regulation: in order to ensure the normal production, grasp the fuel combustion or power supply of the furnace, timely adjust the thermal parameters such as heating, Shanghai temperature, furnace pressure, etc.

Daily maintenance: in the process of using the industrial furnace, various operations are carried out to keep it in good condition or maintain its working capacity, such as equipment spot check, regular inspection, equipment lubrication and maintenance, etc.

The heating rate, holding time and the chart expressed by time and temperature observed in drying are called drying curve. The baking curve is to ensure the baking quality of trolley furnace.

Cable in industrial furnace is a kind of thermal equipment that uses the heat of fuel combustion or electric energy conversion to heat materials or workpieces in industrial production. Broadly speaking, the boiler is also an industrial furnace, but it is not included in the scope of industrial furnace. Industrial furnaces are divided into two types according to the heating mode:

One is flame furnace (or fuel furnace), which uses the combustion heat of solid, liquid or gas fuel in the furnace to heat the workpiece;

The second type is electric furnace, in which electric energy is converted into heat for heating.

For the annealing furnace of aluminum alloy cable, high-strength refractory brick can be selected partially, or a layer of high-temperature plastic refractory fiber felt can be pasted on the lining surface of heavy refractory brick. The effective way is to preheat the gas, air and charge with the waste heat of the flue gas. Preheating air, gas and charge is equivalent to recovering part of heat directly from the furnace, which has obvious effect on strengthening combustion and saving fuel. With the increase of air preheating temperature, the fuel saving rate increases correspondingly. Using trolley furnace or changing the empty furnace into a through furnace with a preheating section, using the high temperature flue gas in the heating chamber to preheat the furnace charge can greatly reduce the flue gas from the furnace. For example, the flue gas at 1300 ℃ in the heating chamber can be reduced to 900 ℃ after preheating the furnace charge through the preheating section, and the heat taken away by the flue gas can be reduced by 38%. If the thermal efficiency of the trolley furnace is maintained, the fuel consumption can be about 15%. The application effect of heat treatment technology of industrial electric furnace is as follows: reducing quenching and grinding cracks: in the production of railway and rolling mill bearings.

After the annealing furnace of aluminum alloy cable is completed, the tongue plate shall be reset to keep the straight pipeline unblocked. The steel pipe for pipeline system is made of seamless steel pipe, and the steel pipes are connected by flange. The use and operation of the pneumatic sample sending device is very simple. Put the sample or analysis results into the sample sending box, press the open button, put the sample sending box into the receiving and dispatching cabinet, and then press the close button. The sample sending box will be sent to the designated place at the speed of 10-15m / s. In order to make the electrode rise and fall freely and prevent the electrode from breaking when the furnace cover of industrial electric furnace is heated and deformed, the diameter of electrode hole shall be 40-50mm larger than that of electrode. Such a large gap between electrode and electrode hole is very unfavorable for smelting, which causes a large number of high-temperature furnace gas to escape, not only increases the heat loss, but also easily causes the electrode temperature on the top of furnace cover to rise, the oxidation is intense, the electrode becomes thin and easy to break, so the electrode sealing ring is needed. In addition, the sealing ring can also cool the furnace cover around the electrode hole, improve the service life of the furnace cover, and help to maintain the atmosphere in the industrial electric furnace.

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