Precision mold heat treatment processing

The method of heat treatment for machining precise and complicated molds

In the heat treatment processing of the mold is not lack of sophisticated mold, so the processor needs to have the right method, let the following small make up to lead you to learn the heat treatment processing of sophisticated mold can be used.

1. Reasonable selection. To the density of the complex mold to choose good quality micro-deformation grinding steel, grinding steel with severe carbide segregation for forging and tempering heat treatment, the larger or can not be forged grinding steel for the solid solution double refining heat treatment.

2, the design of the mold to reasonable, symmetrical shape, for larger mold to master the law of deformation, reserved processing allowance, large and sophisticated mold can be combined structure.

3. The mould shall be pre-treated.

4, reasonable choice of heating temperature and control temperature, can be used to slow heating, preheating and other balanced heating methods to reduce the mold heat treatment deformation.

5. If conditions permit, use vacuum heating and quenching and post-quenching cryogenic treatment as far as possible.

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