Pit gas nitriding furnace

Pit-type nitriding furnace is a periodic operation type electric furnace. It is an energy-saving electric resistance furnace based on a series of electric furnaces combined with the actual use of users. The maximum working temperature is 650 ° C. The furnace is a shaft type with stainless steel furnace tanks and materials. The basket, the workpiece is placed in the basket, the atmosphere is controlled by the drop-in method, and it is dripped into the furnace tank through a flow meter and a dropper. The fan is installed on the furnace cover, which can perform forced circulation of the temperature and atmosphere in the furnace tank.

Features of Pit Gas Nitriding Furnace

1. New energy-saving furnace lining can be used, with fast heating, less heat loss, and good uniformity of furnace temperature, especially suitable for heat treatment of shaft workpieces;

2.Using microcomputer intelligent instrument, setting furnace temperature according to process requirements, automatic tracking display, PLC program control can be realized;

3. A variety of temperatures, atmosphere control, upper and lower microcomputer networking, coupled with a manipulator can achieve the entire process of automatic control, recording and workshop group control, and fewer people, unmanned operation.


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