Part heat treatment process

Keep the heat situation continuously heat treatment equipment market in recent years, enterprise restructuring is complete, the private enterprises continue to grow stronger, technical reform and equipment renewal, but along with the continuously poured into manufacturing abroad, serve for the heat treatment equipment factory and professional factory follow suit, market competition will be more and more fierce, technological innovation is the driving force for the development of the enterprise forever, market competition is actually talent competition, intellectual property rights and talent training will be the focus of enterprise development. The process of heat treatment determines and affects the internal quality and service life of parts.

The improvement of product quality and the precise production process of heat treatment equipment involves the improvement of the quality, reliability and control technology of heat treatment equipment as well as the improvement of the reproducibility and performance of heat treatment products. The realization of high index requirement of heat treatment equipment is an important precondition for the quality dispersion of heat treatment products such as performance and deformation to approach zero. Foreign heat treatment equipment for the whole process of the process of heat treatment parameters for the overall control, and is becoming automated, integrated, flexible and intelligent development direction.

The waste gas, waste water, waste residue, dust, noise and electromagnetic radiation discharged from the production of heat treatment equipment will cause pollution to the operation site and the surrounding environment. Advanced heat treatment technology should first of all be the technology without pollution to the environment. Including cleaning process, cleaning equipment, cleaning materials, etc. The induction heat treatment with controllable atmosphere, vacuum and good shielding is a typical cleaning process widely used.

The shape and size of metal parts in the heat treatment is inevitable, too large and uneven distortion will increase the machining allowance or scrap it. The gear of automobile gearbox is generally not processed after heat treatment, and the distortion will make it lose interchangeability or increase clearance and increase vehicle noise.

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