Pallet car furnace

General car furnace shell composed of steel plate and steel welding, electric furnace lining material is made of super light weight of 0.6 g/cm Э energy-saving refractory insulation brick masonry, laminated aluminum silicate fiber blanket insulation, furnace shell and lining filled between silicon aluminum brazing interlayer expansion to powder insulation, the oven adopts heavy collision brick, car surface heavy high alumina brick molding.

The labyrinth refractory material is used between the furnace body and the trolley. The heating elements of this electric furnace are spiral heating elements, which are used on the side of the furnace with wire bricks and trolley masonry. The heating element material is 0Cr25AL5, the highest operating temperature of the element is 1200℃. Cart equipped with chromium manganese nitrogen or the 1200 ℃ heat resistant steel furnace bottom to carry the workpiece with silicon carbide furnace, in order to prevent the workpiece heated scale through the furnace bottom lines around and fall into the bottom of the heating element causes the damage of element, the need to purge regularly car furnace bottom plate at the bottom of the scale, generally purging once a week, the furnace bottom when scavenging analysis lift, use compressed air to dander of oxidation resistance wire slot blowing clean.

Pallet car furnace door lift is through the scroll wheel on the guide rail, scroll up and down and implementation, this not only ensure the oven door closed oven door masonry with furnace masonry anastomosis between the seal, and ensures the friction in the process of opening will not damage masonry, the oven door and car movement all is by the motor through the worm gear and worm reducer reducer, chain transmission to provide, and is equipped with electromagnetic brake properly adjusted. In order to improve the uniformity of the furnace temperature, the electric furnace adopts multi-zone heating, and the heating elements are arranged on the door and back wall. The heating element layout and wiring diagram, and the resistance wire winding diagram are attached to the technical documents, which should be properly kept for future maintenance and replacement.

High-power electric furnace supporting more than one furnace automatic temperature control cabinet, respectively for district heating automatic control more moderate operation control on oven door car, electric ark with two pieces of each instrument, a piece for the chart recorder in the park, mainly for furnace temperature automatic control and automatic recording, another is digital display temperature control, mainly to overtemperature automatic power-off protection of furnace temperature, and when the master meter damage, instead of the master control instrument for automatic temperature control function, used as overtemperature alarm power-off protection function, the instrument set temperature should be adjusted to higher than master meter 50 ℃ range.


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