PLC control system of heat treatment furnace steps of software design

Make operation plan of vacuum heat treatment furnace. According to the requirements of heat treatment process, the logical relationship between input parameters such as thermocouple, vacuum degree and output signals of control contactor and solid-state relay and various operations is analyzed, and the quantity to be detected and the control method are determined. And design the operation content and sequence of the equipment in the vacuum furnace system. The industrial furnace can draw the flow chart accordingly. Draw vacuum and temperature control flow chart. Develop anti-interference measures for PLC control system, such as power isolation, photoelectric coupling of peripheral circuits. Write the program, according to the controlled object input such as thermocouple and output signal such as the pulse of the control solid-state relay and the selected PLC model, allocate hardware resources, number various relays or contacts of the ladder diagram, and then program with the ladder diagram according to the technical instructions.

Vacuum heat treatment furnace is used in manufacturing industry. In order to make industrial products have good performance in the middle process, it is a branch of heat treatment. The main purpose is to prevent workpiece from oxidation and decarburization in the process of processing. Due to the application of microelectronics and computer technology in PLC, various control functions are realized by software. As long as the program is changed, it can adapt to the change of production process, so it has strong adaptability. Therefore, in the process of transforming traditional industries with microelectronics technology, most of the traditional relay control systems are replaced by PLC.

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