Overview of high temperature heating furnace equipment

Production of six mainstream high temperature furnace equipment: resistance furnace, induction furnace, plasma arc furnace, electron beam furnace, suspension melting furnace, solar heating furnace.

1) resistance furnace: resistance furnace equipment is simple, easy to make, temperature and atmosphere easy to control, most used in the laboratory. A resistance furnace is a device that converts electrical energy into heat energy.

2) induction furnace: the working principle is to use electromagnetic induction to form induction current inside the heated metal to heat and melt the metal.

3) plasma arc furnace: an electric furnace in which gas is heated by arc discharge to form a high-temperature plasma as a heat source for melting or heating.

4) electron beam furnace: the principle of electron beam heating will be a high-speed flow of electrons bombarding the heated metal surface, converting its kinetic energy into heat, so that the metal is heated, melted and poured into the water-cooled copper mold.

5) suspended furnace: no crucible levitation melting furnace is known as the melting furnace, when suspended bubbled into alternating current coil creates a magnetic field, if there is a conductor (a metal sample) in the high frequency magnetic field, due to the induced current is generated in induction effect on metal also produce a magnetic field, its direction, in contrast to the levitation coil of the magnetic field generated, and generate a repulsive force that conductor suspended in space.

6) solar heating furnace: focusing the solar energy with a parabola mirror, there is a sharp image of the sun near the focus of the mirror, the heated material will be placed on the image of the sun, heating extremely fast, the material will be quickly melted.

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