Operation method of heat treatment for pressure vessel

Heat treatment is an important process commonly used in the design of pressure vessels, which affects the performance and safety of pressure vessels. In order to ensure the design quality and safety of pressure vessels, metal materials and heat treatment methods of pressure vessels should be selected reasonably.

Operation method of heat treatment of pressure vessel and matters needing attention

(1) when the parts with the same quenching temperature and different thickness are installed in the same furnace, they shall be discharged in batches according to the holding time. 

(2) for parts with large change in section and sharp edges and angles, the lower limit temperature should be adopted during quenching to avoid quenching.

(3) when the parts are installed in the furnace for heating, it is generally one layer, while small pieces can be installed in two layers.

(4) when quenched, the quenchers should not be piled into the cooling tank to avoid uneven cooling and excessive deformation.

(5) after quenching, the tempering temperature shall be determined according to the measured hardness and performance requirements.

(6) after quenching, the parts should be tempered in time. The residence time before high-temperature tempering should not be more than 8h. 

(7) the tempering temperature of the high temperature tempering furnace shall not be higher than the specified tempering temperature. In order to avoid cracking, the tempering temperature of the high alloy steel parts shall not be higher than 300℃.

(8) after tempering at high temperature, it shall be placed on dry ground for cooling.

(9) the quencher should be bent, and stress removal should be carried out after correction.

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