Operating procedures for vacuum brazing multi-purpose furnace

1. before opening the vacuum furnace, ensure that water, electricity and gas are in operation. When the voltage is 380V, there shall be no 10% deviation. The air pressure is 0.6MPa, and the water pressure reaches the lowest value (0.5MPa). Only after reaching the above requirements can power on and operate.

2. Before discharging, check the heating room of the equipment. The heating room must be clean and free of sundries, dust, oil, water, etc. In view of the goods placed, the same dry cleaning, no water stains, oil stains, etc. should be cleaned before placing.

3. After loading, turn the knob to the "door closed" position. Then, start the "mechanical pump" and "coarse extraction valve". To extract air from the vacuum unit and furnace, turn over the power supply of the vacuum furnace together (in general, the power supply of the vacuum meter is started together with the main power supply).

4. when the real void degree is higher than 1000Pa, the monitoring point "J2" of vacuum gauge will be on. At this time, the "roots pump" can be opened. If the conditions are not met, "roots pump" will not be opened, and there will be no response after clicking the button.


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