Oil-water separator of maintenance and care

I believe that many friends of the kitchen oil and water separator of the water is not strange, unscrew the drain valve below the oil and water separator, and then the water can be drained clean. The kitchen oil and water separator with automatic drainage function is more simple, as long as the alarm signal, you can press the water release button in the cab to release water, the water release valve will be closed automatically after the water release, so as to ensure that the water in the oil and water separator is discharged in time.

Oil-water separator of maintenance and care

1. The equipment shall be managed and used by special personnel, and the current value and insulation of the equipment shall be checked regularly and regularly.

2. Regularly check whether there is leakage in the parts of the equipment of the oil and water separator.

3. Clean up the sundries in the sundries basket and replace the sundries bucket on a regular basis.

4. For the equipment with automatic grille machine, check whether there is debris accumulation or hard material card on the automatic grille machine every day.

5. The bottom of the box shall be cleaned of silt regularly.

6. Regularly check whether the aeration pipe inside the box is evenly aerated. If the aeration is not evenly, check whether the aeration pipe is leaking or blocked.

Catering industry is to produce much oily wastewater of an industry, so some restaurants, hotels, etc., to install the oil-water separator equipment to protect our living environment, and in the later use, often to maintenance and maintenance of oil-water separator, so that the device can use for a long time, avoid because maintenance is not timely lead to equipment damage.

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