Oil standards and precautions for hydraulic oil filter


Hydraulic oil filter adopts high precision filtration technology, hydraulic oil filter has the advantages of small high efficiency, high filtration precision, good dehydration effect, mainly used in the hydraulic oil treatment of hydraulic oil, lubricating oil station, blower, water pump station, can quickly and efficiently remove the water, gas, impurities in the oil. Adopted international advanced principle of strengthen the hydrophilic and hydrophobic, integrating demulsification and dehydration, precision filter, can run on the fill opacity of emulsified oil after dehydration, emulsification, remove the moisture in the oil, particulate matter, colloid, impurities such as acids and soap, to restore the indicators of product to achieve using standard oil.

Oil standards and precautions for hydraulic oil filter


Adopting special high-precision filter material filtering technology, it can effectively remove the tiny mechanical impurities, water and organic acids generated by long-term use of the hydraulic oil, so that the water content and mechanical impurities in the treated hydraulic oil can meet the requirements of normal operation of the equipment;

High quality precision filter material, scientific design, strong ability to filter impurities, high pollution load, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, good mechanical strength, high precision in removing impurities, large area, deep level of precision filter material can remove fine particles in the oil.

The advanced and unique degassing and dehydration system, which adopts three-dimensional evaporation technology and multi-level oil and water separation technology, quickly separates the water and gas in the oil. Using automatic level control technology, unattended on-line oil filtration can be realized.

Hydraulic oil filter advanced medium heat absorption and condensation system, automatic separation of condensate water device, automatic constant temperature control, infrared automatic level control, automatic defogging control, automatic backwash function, automatic over-pressure stop protection and excellent configuration, to ensure high-performance operation of the equipment, simple, safe and reliable operation.

The heating system adopts the optimized pipeline design, low heating load, ensuring uniform heating. Adopting multi-group heating, the heating power input can be automatically controlled according to the instant oil temperature, making the equipment more energy saving. At the same time avoid the oil overheating carbonization.

It can be expected that the ZJD filter will not be in continuous use, so the equipment will be stored in the warehouse for a long time. Therefore, a set of equipment storage procedures has been developed. As long as the procedure is carefully followed, the device can be put back into service at any time. It also ensures that the new operator knows the status of the equipment when it is put into motion.

Shutdown of equipment:

Operate according to the procedure described in "stop" in the above operation section of this manual.


If possible, store ZJD equipment indoors and follow the following steps:

1) Use triangle wood to position the equipment, make the equipment in a horizontal state, and jam the wheels. Cover and seal with a cover if longer storage is expected.

2) All hoses must be inspected for damage. If suitable for reuse, the hose must be coiled and placed in the corresponding grid layer in the equipment top cover.

3) The equipment can be filled with oil for safe storage. Conversely, it is also possible to drain all the oil in the filter and heater and vacuum separator.

4) Plug all the hose ends, and plug up all the oil supply and drainage points of the ball valves on the equipment.

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