Oil filter vacuum is always up, how to do?

Such a situation is often found in work: when the vacuum oil filter started to work, the vacuum degree is always unable to go up, sometimes accompanied by a large noise. There are basically two scenarios:

Oil filter vacuum is always up, how to do?

No air bleed: at this point, the measured vacuum oil filter vacuum is very low or the high frequency spark detector does not glow at all. The main reason is that the pump rotor does not turn. Check, found that the pump wheel in turn, but listen carefully to the sound of no valve disc skipping, pump shaft does not rotate with the pump wheel. This is because the wheel key is dropped or broken, just keep the key in place. For some combination pump, the front and rear rotor shaft is through the shaft end slot bite each other, if the grooves are broken, only the high vacuum rotor in rotation, low vacuum end of the rotor will not turn, or the operation is not normal, at this time, also do not pump. If the low-vacuum valve or rubber clamp is not opened due to negligence, it may not be vented. In addition, the vent valve pin dropped, fixed pressure fixed piece of the spring broken or pump exhaust valve valve disc broken will also cause the phenomenon of non-ventilation.

Smoke atmosphere: this kind of situation and not above extraction are different, the performance of the pump always with a lot of noise, valve plates beating loud, tank of the oil cylinder is the phenomenon of smoking and sometimes a lot of oil or oil mist spewed at the same time, these are a lot of gas is emitted - high-speed flow phenomenon of vacuum pump oil, if this situation will soon disappear in the moment of pump open, this is normal. If there is an injection, check for excessive pumping or inadequate bLOW-out preventers and make improvements. If this phenomenon

After opening the pump, it can be determined that the pump is pumping atmosphere. This may be caused by the falling off of the system vacuum rubber pipe connected with the pump, the front bleed valve, the admixture valve, the system rupture and other reasons. If it is the above reasons, you can clip on the vacuum clip or close the low vacuum air admixture valve, this situation will have a good K if it is not these reasons, you will remove the pump, further check the pump itself.

When the vacuum filters oil machine vacuum pump itself has the larger hole leakage, seal valve damage, spin, pills, slide valve, such as damage, crack rotor or slide valve ring, spring break, shaft seal rubber ring bad, very little oil, mixing valve open or damage occurs, such as serious produce smoke atmosphere that kind of phenomenon, only slightly lower performance for limiting vacuum pump.

The obvious fault is often easy to remove, as long as the vacuum filter low vacuum valve, admixture valve shut dead or clamp the vacuum clip on the rubber tube, replace the damaged parts, but some cases are more complex.

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