Oil filter oil leakage solution

With the refinement of hydraulic system, high performance, high pressure, the role of filters in hydraulic equipment is becoming more and more important. Therefore, the correct use of the filter can effectively remove the pollutants in the hydraulic equipment system, protect the machine, so as to improve the reliability and life of the equipment.

Oil filter oil leakage solution

Determination of filter performance of vacuum oil filter it is very important to determine the level of filter performance when selecting the filter. It would be ideal if particles larger than the minimum clearance in the machine structure could be captured, but if the filtration degree of the filter exceeded the required limit, it would cause frequent blockage, which would lead to too long cleaning time, increased cost, maintenance and management problems.

Filter maintenance management no matter how good hydraulic equipment manufacturers choose filters, if maintenance management is not good, pollution will be serious, causing accidents. Vacuum pump oil, the oil is one of the most common failures of vacuum filter oil machine, mainly occurs in the vacuum pump oil window, tank gasket, motor bearing shaft seal three position, its main reason is that vacuum pump use time is too long and cause the aging of these areas, seal failure, leading to the oil, the oil window leak, because vacuum pump use time is too long and make the aging oil window, cause rupture, or oil window and adhesive aging tank failure, leading to pump oil leakage; There are two oil seals on the motor shaft, the front oil seal and the rear oil seal. The oil tank is connected with the motor through the adapter. There is a sealing ring at the junction of the oil tank and the adapter to seal the oil tank. If it ages, it can also cause oil leakage in the vacuum pump.

In addition, there is a felt pad on the adapter, which ACTS as a recovery pump oil, if it is full, the vacuum pump will also seep oil. The solution is to replace aging oil Windows, shaft seals, seals and felt pads that have been pumped full of oil. After the maintenance is completed, the vacuum pump oil shall be used to clean the vacuum pump before oil filling, and the filter screen at the oil filling port shall be cleaned with solvent to keep the oil tank clean. Because the formation of high speed conditions requires a large power, and easy to produce vibration, so the general centrifuge is also equipped with auxiliary heating, in order to improve the temperature of the oil, reduce the oil viscosity, so the vacuum oil filter operating power is relatively large.

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