Oil filter is used in power transmission and transformation engineering

Applications in the power industry

Insulation oil filtration equipment and systems - electrical installation, maintenance, and safe operation

Oil filter is used in power transmission and transformation engineering

The national development plan for the 12th five-year plan has been released. In order to meet the growing demand for power consumption, major domestic power generation enterprises and the state grid corporation of China, like their power units, have been improving their production efficiency and ensuring the safe operation of the power system. Insulation oil filter equipment and system, can ensure the continuity of power supply and security at the same time, to the maximum extent to meet the functional requirements of system maintenance.

Continuous safety and reliability

Dual - stage vacuum oil filter with advanced infrared protection and PLC programmable logic control function, can realize live online filtering operation. The introduction of German process independent patent three dimensional SU flash technology, excellent dehydration and degassing performance, so that the index of electric oil far exceeds the national GB standard. To ensure the continuous and safe operation of electrical equipment.

Essential for electric installation

Insulation oil filter products have reliable roots vacuum system, far infrared constant temperature heating system, continuous drip - free oil transfer system. During the construction and annual inspection and maintenance of power engineering projects, vacuum filtration, transformer extraction, hot oil circulating filtration, refueling and oil replenishment can be carried out at the same time to improve work efficiency, build a perfect grid world and bring direct economic benefits to enterprises.

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