Normalizing carburizing and surface hardening of heat treatment

Normalizing heat treatment, carburizing heat treatment, surface hardening heat treatment

Heat treatment is to heat and cool the metal to change its physical and mechanical properties, not let it change its shape heat treatment can be said to be a method of strengthening materials, but it can also be used to change some mechanical properties such as improving formability, processing, etc. the common application is metallurgy, heat treatment can also be used to make glass, aluminum, steel and more materials. When we understand heat treatment, we usually only pay attention to hardening and tempering, but forget normalizing, carburizing and surface hardening of heat treatment.

Normalizing: normalizing heating to steel and holding at this temperature for a period of time, then cooling in air. The structure obtained is a mixture of ferrite and cementite with high strength and hardness, but low ductility. The specification is for structures and structural members that will be machined as it improves the machinability of carbon steel.

Carburizing: This is a heat treatment process in which steel or iron is heated to a temperature lower than the melting point in the presence of a liquid. The application of temperature when a solid or gaseous substance decomposes to release carbon for heating. The shell or surface will have a higher carbon content than the raw material. When steel or iron is quenched and cooled rapidly, the outer surface with high carbon content hardens, while the core is still tough and soft.

Case hardening: generally in many engineering applications, the required composition is difficult to resist the wear and erosion of the surface, while maintaining plasticity and toughness, and can withstand the impact load. This can be achieved by local austenitic titration quenching, as well as diffusion of carbon and nitrogen elements to the surface image. Participation in this purpose is known as flame hardening, quenching process, nitriding, carbonitriding.

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