Normal operation of multi-purpose furnace

1. The parameters of automatic state, waste gas combustion, voltage on, gas supply on, heating on and empty furnace are 920 ℃ * 0.6

2. Select process:

a. In F4 interface of upper computer, input workpiece No. ---- shift F12 download process (F19 interface of mp270 is under focos control state);

b. Or input program number in F19 interface of mp270 ---- press F17 loading process (F19 interface of mp270 is under mp270 control state);

3. Press K15 (automatic mode) to load the furnace and the indicator light will be on; press K8 (automatic mode operation);

4. Take the workpiece from the tempering furnace with the charging car;

5. Open the front door;

6. Charging;

7. Close the door;

8. Press the "end of charging" button.

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