Nitrogen purity requirements of multi purpose furnace

1. This box type controlled atmosphere multi-purpose furnace production line is mainly used for gas carburizing, carbonitriding, reheating quenching after carburizing and quenching and tempering under protective atmosphere. The operation of the equipment must be safe, reliable, direct and simple. It adopts automatic control of the whole process of the computer, with good process stability. In case of power failure or other accidents, it can realize automatic nitrogen charging, and can complete subsequent processes through manual operation to ensure safe operation and product quality.

2. The tempering furnace with protective atmosphere is used for tempering and aging annealing of workpieces (the heating power shall be adjustable when it is used in different temperature sections of high and low temperature, with the function of protective atmosphere).

3. The cleaning machine is used for cleaning and drying the workpieces before and after carburizing and carbonitriding. The cleanliness of the workpiece after cleaning and drying meets the requirements of carburizing and carbonitriding, and the workpiece is free of corrosion and has no impact on the heat treatment quality of the next process.

4. The loading and unloading car is used for the loading and unloading of the box type controlled atmosphere multi-purpose furnace, tempering furnace, cleaning machine and the transmission of workpieces between each process of the production line. The loading and unloading of the above equipment workshop can be completed accurately according to the specified position.

All equipment of the production line must be brand new (including all parts, components and accessories). It is made of advanced and reliable materials, production processes and specifications not lower than the national standards; the similar equipment tendered by the bidder shall have more than two years of experience in the domestic coal mining machinery industry or similar industry.


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