Nitriding furnace can work normally under high temperature

The nitriding furnace can work normally at 520 ℃. It is a vacuum sealed stainless steel tank with high hardness and wear resistance. The main features of the nitriding furnace are as follows:

1. The treatment time of nitriding furnace is short and the deformation of workpiece is small.

2. The nitriding furnace is not affected by the material. It can process stainless steel, cast iron and iron-based powder non metallurgical material, carbon steel, low alloy steel, tool and die steel.

3. Anti friction and anti-corrosion of nitriding furnace.

4. The nitriding furnace has certain continuity and is not easy to peel off. In order to shorten the nitriding cycle and make the nitriding process not limited by steel grades, two new nitriding processes, soft nitriding and ion nitriding, have been developed on the basis of nitriding furnace process in recent years. Compared with gas nitriding, the hardness and brittleness of nitriding layer are lower.

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